A Call Center with a Cutting-Edge System & Skills and a Sincere Telemarketing Service

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Call Center Services

We own a unique call center system built with unrivaled system development skills in this industry. Human resources hired as full time employee are always developing, aiming deeper expertise and gaining multiple skills. We support promoting "Customer Experience Management."

  1. Inbound Calls
    Inbound Call is our service of handling calls from customers such as technical support, customer support, mail-order, and registration for campaigns and events. We provide multi-lingual support and operations which require special qualifications (insurance sales, tour sales, and liquor sales). With regards the time, day, and whether service would have to be in the morning or at night, we offer flexible work-hour shifts to satisfy our client's customers.
  2. Outbound Calls
    Outbound Call is our service of initiating calls for sales promotion, questionnaire survey etc. based on databases. The needs of the customers can be pulled out from the conversations and by recommending the customer's desired item, not only are we able to expand the business but we are also able to improve the image of the company.
  3. e-Business Support
    Promotions utilizing Emails and Web are rapidly expanding and nowadays regarded as essential tool for business regardless of the industry and/or scale. With our very own developed "Web-Telephony," the nation's first system which is website operation and voice support combined, we provide the best website management and operation from the viewpoint of clients.