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About IT-Communications Inc.

01 Our joy is the "Thank you" we get from our customers

"Hello, this call center attended to me last time and ... "
-"Thank you. How can we help you today?"
"Is Mr./Ms.○○ around?"
-"Yes , This is ○○ speaking."
"Actually, Mr./Ms.○○helped me with everything the last time I was not able to connect to the internet. I called to convey my gratitude.
-"Thank you very much."
"That time, if it weren't for Mr./Mrs.○○'s help, my company's important deal would have gone up in smoke. It was really very helpful. Thank you very much!"

This is a day at the call center.
Our job is not just to carry out phone calls.
Correspondence is not done directly face-to-face which is precisely why we are committed to making it "sincere" where one could imagine the communicator's face, always aiming at our customer's "thank you." Aside from the phone calls, we have also experienced getting letters of gratitude from our customers. Moments like this give us the greatest joy. Receiving words of gratitude such as "Thank you" from our customers bring us great joy and from this joy is where we get our sense of fulfillment.

02 An Environment Where You Can Skill Up and Step Up Your Career

In our call center, you will not only learn the basic and necessary proper use of language through conversation with the customers and you will not only have the communication ability to suggest just be perceiving from your customers short comments but you would also gain expertise through the trainings provided on IT and Travel, Finance, Insurance, Distribution, etc. and this is one great feature of this company. After joining the company, you will start as a communicator (telephone reception staff) but because the in-house training programs are maximized and diversified, skills and career development is possible depending on one's own perseverance.

Communicators are human resource = "Human Resource Business" and for this reason, there are a lot of opportunities for anyone who wants to polish their communication abilities and for those who would like to demonstrate their managerial capability. There are about 1,000 communicators in the company. From the supervisors who direct the scene on the front lines and the managers responsible for the management of the entire center, we have lots of activities tailored to your ability and growth.

Our unique rating system for evaluation which reflects everyone's hard work objectively and fairly has led to the motivation of each and every communicator.

03 Follow up after Joining the Company

After joining the company, the handling of personal information, use of appropriate words, and basic telephoning will be learned in the "Introductory Training." In the "Business Training," communicators will be asked to acquire knowledge about the product and service. Not only will there be lectures but there would also be roleplaying (simulated practice) and after gaining enough skills, OJT (On-the-job training= actual training) would take place followed by the booth debut. In practical aspects, team leaders and officials in charge of the call center support communicators full-time. The person in charge of the call center from time to time adopts various procedures, regular interviews, consultation events exerting efforts in creating" an environment where one could feel the worth of one's job."