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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it okay even if I'm inexperienced?

There is a training program from where an inexperienced person could grow in terms of basic knowledge. (Please check the Training System on the left) The difficulty of computer operation differs depending on the task one is responsible with. There is a training for the operation of an exclusive program but this training is for those who can already input characters into the PC. Conversational skills are basically trained using a script to practice and so there is really nothing to be worried.

With regards the Communicator's regular employment, what is the difference between the part-time and albeit employment?

Regular employees are eligible for pay raise based on a 4 month evaluation system as well as for bonuses and retirement plans.

Can a part-time or albeit employment turn into a regular employment?

Yes, there is a recruitment system to regular employees.
2There are centers operating 24 hours and 365 days a year and so being able to work at the required shift is a condition. An application for change of employment status would be requested and judgment will be based on the regulations of the company.

Is there a transfer?

It depends on the job.

Do you also implement advanced operations requiring expertise and language skills?

Our help desk and multilingual support are already assumed to be experts.
Starting from information support on the field of telecommunications, we also have a track record in different languages such as English, Chinese, Korean, etc.

How do communicators level up their skills?

There is a 3 month training program after joining the company. Also, a regular follow-up training to level up skills are conducted. In our company, a system on mastering one's own skill is adopted and we are working on maintaining a payroll system based on a fair and legitimate evaluation.

How are the application documents handled?

We are committed to the security of personal information protection.
Even with information regarding applications, strict storage and proper disposal regardless of the decision is adopted after a certain period of time.

How is protection of personal information handled?

Our company's server Information Security Management System (ISMS) is in H-IX (Hokuden Internet Exchange), a data center which is FISC certified. FISC is a financial computer system safety measure certification. Also, communicators in each center uses the Thin Client Terminal (WBT) and does not use any information storage equipped medium.

The use of the Privacy Mark was granted on May, 2004.