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Development Training System

IT-Com's call center is committed to providing "quality communicators."
Efficiency and High quality is sought and for this, the procedures below are being carried out.

Human Resource Development Program

Introductory Training (for New Employees)・Follow-up Training, Human Resource Training for Supervisors and Leaders (depending on the position)

Internal Evaluation System/Master Skill Evaluation System

The goal here is to standardize things such as knowledge, conversational skills, professional skills, multi-skills, computer capabilities, employee evaluation, and the condition of attendance and to train balanced communicators.

  • The Concept of Master Skills Evaluation System
    Evaluation is carried out every 4 months and by having a general communicator evaluation from 6 items, the communicator's skill's are measured and high quality is pursued.
  • Training of Multi-skilled Communicators
    By training communicators to be multi-skilled, aside from making a flexible shift system possible, the job rotation of the right man in the right place's remuneration based on the result and scheme that would lead to skill up can be established.

Quality Management / Employee Education System

From the multi-faceted monitoring and segmented quality evaluation, the weakness of each is found and guidance towards improvement takes place.

Role Definition of Each Role
Manager Formulation of Vision / Budget Management / Recruitment of Human Resources / Coordination of other Departments / Establishment of Annual Goals / Implementation and Management of Objectives / Management of Operations / Workforce Planning / Planning a Proposal / Development of SLA / Human Resources Evaluation / Creation of Shift
Supervisor Management Factors (interviews, coaching, mental health, etc.) /
Business Management (team management, analysis, development planning, environmental improvement/business improvement)
Leader Junior Duties of the Supervisor / Customer Correspondence / Team Support / Communicator's Support

Aside from the quality and efficiency in the call center operation, there will be higher demands for marketing and planning abilities in the future. In this company, we always commit to a speedy improvement and aim at becoming a profit center that satisfies both consignment companies and customers.