A Call Center with a Cutting-Edge System & Skills and a Sincere Telemarketing Service

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Company Profile

IT-Communications Inc.

IT-Com opened as the first national web call center in Sapporo in 2000.
We mounted and operated IP Centrex and thin client terminal engineered by our own IP-PBX and CTI systems in cooperation with Hokkaido University, municipal governments, and local companies (System House). We recruit our communicators as official members, so as to achieve our training and evaluation activity aims through the use of multiple skills. In addition to that, we maintain a high degree of value added professionalism in our business with a mix of multilingual support (eight languages at most) and engineer help desk. Furthermore, we have licenses of travel agency and liquor sales, and experiences of comprehensive operations of an airline. We can also meet specifications for actualizing mission-critical system by Web 2.0 (Asterisk) and ASP.