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Company Profile

Trademarks, Patents, Licenses, and Qualifications

Trademark Registration

  • IT-COM
  • Annotation-CTI
  • Weather-CTI

Patent Applied for

  • CTI system and its program
  • Speech-recognition system using pattern retrieval
  • Interactive Voice Response system
  • Annotation method for voice data and voice annotation system (Making a voice database and CTI with a searching function)
  • Map guidance method and map guidance system (Voice navigation system for GPS cellphones)
  • Homepage telephone service and its system
  • Outbound calling system (Outbound call operation system)
  • Home page link system


  • Certified registration of travel industry of the Travel Agency Act Article 5 Paragraph 1 (Hokkaido type 2, No. 440)
  • Liquors sales intermediate license
  • License for General Worker Dispatching Undertaking (General 01-0200)

Qualifications etc.

  • Qualified to participate in general competition (nominated competition) (unified qualification of all ministries)
  • Qualified to participate in Hokkaido competitive bidding
  • Registered to competitive bid participants with respect to procurement of goods of Miyagi Prefecture
  • Qualified to participate in Sapporo City competitive bidding
  • Qualified to participate in Sendai City competitive bidding