A Call Center with a Cutting-Edge System & Skills and a Sincere Telemarketing Service

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Information Technology

To convey "integrity" to our customers, we offer the "one and only" when it comes to both human services and systems.

Handling of Personal Information

In complying with the "Personal Information Protection Management System," each of our staff performs the appropriate operation in handling personal information which is vital in call center foundation and operation.

Marketing Strategy Proposal

Swift and flexible marketing activity is required to fit the ever-changing social and economic environment. We propose efficient customer handling and management based on the uniquely developed system utilizing IT. By discovering potential requirement of clients and by responding to it, we dramatically enhance business opportunities of our clients and assists every aspect of their customer marketing strategy.

Advantages of Our Services

  • We enhance our clients' business opportunities with agile launch of call centers through uniquely developed PBX and CTI systems.
  • We are able to rapidly adjust to our client requirements and provide cost-effective operations with minimum investment to the call center.
  • We are flexible in terms of adjustments to required duration of service (seasonal) and/or operation hours (24-hour operation).
  • We basically hire unparalleled communicators in the telemarketing industry as permanent employees. We also work towards keeping them highly motivated.
  • We have multi-lingual services such as English, Chinese, Korean and Portuguese which would correspond to your requests.
  • We maintain cost effective high performance call center management by multi-job operations.