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Our Call Center's Very Own Developed CTI System

Modem call center operations utilize PBX (Private Branch Extensions) but their requirement for high investment makes it difficult for new market entry and/or business expansion. By designing specially for call center requirements and by utilizing IP-networking, low cost construction of customer information management system and/or multi-location deployment can be achieved. It is also built as a high-security system designed with security in mind.

Advantages of Navi-Telephony

  • Security
    Instead of providing computers, Navi-Telephony deploys thin-client terminals (WBTs) and centrally manages all the information in the data center.
  • IP-PBX
    Instead of legacy circuit-switching PBX, Navi-Telepony handles all the information on IP network. It enables easy cooperation with software and improves efficiency in information management. This also supports multi-location operation of call centers and provides same usability anywhere. IP-networking also achieves lower cost for system development. Although several manufacturers sell IP-PBX, this is the first system designed by call center itself.
  • Seamless Operation
    With its link to customer information database server, any communicator in any call center can seamlessly obtain customer information.
  • CRM
    As we centrally manage customer files and contact history data in the database server located in the datacenter, we can analyze and manipulate data from many different aspects to accurately understand consumer needs. We can also send email messages, post mail and transmit faxes (now under development) to the customers.

Expandability of Navi-Telephony

  • Customizability
    Customized windows (UI) for various business requirement can be easily prepared. For example, when making summary math for a survey, you can prepare customized windows with question items so that you can instantly obtain the result as soon as the summary math is done.
    ●Sample of Customized Windows

  • Extended Function
    In addition to customized windows, it is possible to set up specialized UI such as order entry system, and have it interact with the CTI. A special UI page which answers to the requirements of the customer's industry needs can also be prepared.
    For example) Order Entry System / Inventory Management System / Item Master Management System
    ●Order Entry System Window

  • Summary of Aggregate Functions
    In addition to standard formula, you can apply various calculations.
    Example) Rate of Contact (the rate of calls made with the customer him/herself out of the general number of calls made)
    Example) The summary according to the time of the day, age, gender, prefecture, etc.
    We will flexibly support your requirements as much as possible and achieve your preferred operation.
    ●Types of Questions

    ●Inbound call summary by time of the day

    ●Inbound call summary by area of origin

  • Escalation Function
    When a communicator is unable to answer a question asked by a customer, the system enables the communicator to transfer the related information to his/her supervisor or appropriate team for take-over.
    Other optional functions
    The system allows to add optional functionalities to fit special requirement for each businesses, such as function to show simulation of optimized proposal based of a customers' answer for a pre-defined set of questions, to display weather and related information of the area where the customer live, and to automatically search and detect the circuit status of the area of residence of the customer.
    For example) Simulation of optimized plan / weather information / search for specific area
    ●Weather Display Function Weather-CTI