A Call Center with a Cutting-Edge System & Skills and a Sincere Telemarketing Service

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Company Profile


Pursuing "Only One" with
"Multi-skilled permanent staff with expertise"

"Self-developed IP-PBX&CTI"

Pursuing "Only One" as a telemarketing service agency. That is the concept of service agency we're aiming for. The Only One service agency means "Value Added" call center. Two business models of the Only One are:
【Hire and develop permanent staff as communicator】 and 【Self-developed IP-PBX&CTI】.
We are aiming for high expertise and operations by multi-skilled permanent employees. The operations include technical support and customer service for ISP (Internet Service Provider), financial and insurance affairs, and technical fields such as multilingual support. Besides English and Chinese support, we also provide correspondence in Spanish, Portuguese and so on.  In that circumstance, one communicator learns multiple tasks, which enable us to adapt to changes flexibly and assign staff according to the business fluctuation utilizing the multiskills.

The reason we develop IP-PBX&CTI is for security purpose and acquiring usability. Industry-academic-government development and structuring own system based on patent and utility model. These are our conclusions to provide our clients with both quick customization of individual system and usability for communicators.

In addition to that, we've actualized thin client terminal, IC card authentication, ASP by Web2.0 and such based on the idea from server-based computing. We've been building the infrastructures armed with progressiveness, credibility, and convenience.

Sincere customer service utilizing IT is our goal, aiming for impressive customer experience. Our call center concept is adherence to "Quality of Communicator."

Flexible and quick action is inevitable for corporate marketing activities in economic conditions which change from day to day.
We operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year as the Only One contact center to fully support our clients' marketing strategies for expanding business chances by evaluating customers' potential needs and quickly responding to their existing requests.