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Company Profile

Greeting and Corporate Development

President's Greeting

We started our business as the 21st-century Call Center in 2,000. We've adopted the Only One business model with a call center system of people development and self-developed system since the establishment of our company.

It is the word "Thank you" from our customers that each employee is proud of. People are our assets. We will lead customer satisfaction to impressive customer experience by improving the way of people development. Moreover, we will further improve efficiency and quality of our self-developed call center system along with the evolution of IT, and continue to develop systems which meet a wide variety of requests.

Finally, we've achieved business expansion in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, as our first overseas base. In this rapidly globalizing world, we will make persistent efforts to receive more "Thank you" from customers and all of the people we are involved with, utilizing our business model of "Multi-skilled permanent staff with expertise" and "Self-developed IP-PBX&CTI."

President and CEO, Representative Director
Takashi Ishihara

Corporate Development

May 2000 Establishes of IT-Communications Inc.
June 2000 Approved for "New Industry Creation Promotion Business" by Hokkaido and "Certified Company in 2000" in information and communication fields
August 2000 Opens Sapporo Center
Starts operation (21 employees hired)
October 2000 Holds Japan’s first "Web call center" opening ceremony
January 2001 Establishes "DoIT 21 Project Promotion Conference" by industry-academia-government cooperation
IT-Com is the head office
February 2001 Starts the service of "AIR DO-Web reservation center"
Releases "Web-Telephony"
March 2001 Approved for the certified company of Sapporo City "Digital Creation Plaza" (incubation group)
September 2001 Participates in "e-silkroad in SAPPORO"
February 2002 Participates in "IT Training for Russian Trainees Project" commissioned by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan
March 2002 President assumes the position of a board member of "Sapporo Shury" (Employment Support for People with Disabilities Foundation)(at present)
June 2002 Provides "8-language Support Center" for FIFA World Cup Korea/Japan Sapporo site.
July 2002 Entrusted Sapporo City "Resident Registry Network Call Center"
August 2002 Establishes Tokyo Office (World Trade Center Building)
Opens Osaka Center
November 2002 Releases Self-Developed IP-PBX&CTI "Navi-Telephony"
Moves Head Office and Sapporo Center to current Sigma Kita 3 jo Building
June 2003 Makes a joint patent application with Graduate School of Engineering Hokkaido University
May 2004 Privacy Mark certification (JIPDEC)
October 2004 Moves Osaka Center to Umeda Hankyu Terminal Building
March 2005 Opens Sendai Center
May 2005 Holds opening ceremony of Sendai Center with the governor of Miyagi Prefecture present
July 2005 Opens Iwamizawa Center
September 2007 Receives "Encouragement Prize" of the JiIT excellent customer support commendation system
November 2007 The 25th IT Business Innovation Awardee
June 2010 Opens Kushiro Center
March 2011 Starts support activities to the affected areas of the Great East Japan Earthquake
August 2012 Opens a restaurant operated by a group company in the basement of the head office building
Dec 2012 ISMS(ISO27001) certification
December 2014 Opens Vietnam Center
July 2015 Receives the "Special Award" of the second Service and Hospitality Award